Champions Forever: A Look at Duke's Title Run

Champions Forever: A Look at Duke's Title Run
DURHAM, N.C. -- On April 6, 2015, Duke won its fifth national championship, as the Blue Devils defeated Wisconsin, 68-63, in Indianapolis, Ind. Over the span of those final 40 minutes, in the last game of the season, Duke showcased all of the attributes that helped the team reach the biggest stage in college basketball. It was all of the events throughout the season that led up to the national final that created the team which took the court that evening. The Blue Devil Network sat down with members of the squad and coaching staff to relive all of the crucial moments that molded the team into a national champion.

Follow along as the Blue Devil Network takes you through the ups and downs of the 2015 season. The feature, titled Champions Forever is a nine-chapter piece that provides fans with a glimpse into the most crucial moments of the year, with interviews and commentary from those that lived it.

Feel free to sit down and watch all nine chapters to chronologically re-experience the 2015 campaign or select a specific chapter that allows you to remember one of the many special moments of the season.

Full Feature: Champions Forever
Chapter 1: Next Play
Chapter 2: Hitting a Wall
Chapter 3: 1K
Chapter 4: Down But Never Out
Chapter 5: Wake Up Call
Chapter 6: Banner Hunters
Chapter 7: Final Four
Chapter 8: Champions Forever